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The spirits of slavery must bow the knee!

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

By: Cynthia Dunbar

Immigration, Naturalization, and the Trafficking of Children:

The crisis at our southern borders exists mainly because of the confusion between immigration policies and the process of naturalization. To simplify, the Constitution only grants to the federal government the authority to adopt uniform laws of naturalization. This means the federal government gets to establish the laws that determine how immigrants may become citizens. However, the Constitution does not grant to the federal government the authority to prevent states from adopting laws regarding how they deal with immigrants within its borders, especially those illegally present who are in no way seeking to become U.S. citizens.

The Obama Administration went after the ability of states to enact such legislation. The case of Arizona v U.S. was wrongly decided, in my opinion and Scalia’s dissent exposed much of the errors of the majority decision. This case, which is in desperate need of being overturned, has fueled the federal government’s overreach regarding immigration and has occasioned chaos in many border states.

Witnessing the heart-wrenching view of the masses at our border, the chaos and the confusion, the lack of order, all speak of hopelessness. As Christians, our hurt and concern do not extend solely to the struggles of American citizens. But we also know God is not the author of confusion. It is the enemy who comes to kill, steal, and destroy. Unfortunately, the border is becoming a breeding ground of death and destruction for both migrants and Americans.

Many encouraged to make the trek to the U.S. face untold dangers and hardships. Their pain and suffering are tangible. But porous borders don’t just harm those who are sold a deceptive bill of goods to come here, they also occasion waves of criminal activity. According to the DEA, the number of fatal doses of fentanyl seized in 2022 was enough to kill the entire population of Houston three times over. For clarification, the population of Houston is over 2.3 million, meaning there was enough fentanyl smuggled into TX to kill roughly 7 million people.

As the turmoil and suffering around the globe increase, the crisis at our southern border continues to increase.  Over 2.4 million poured over our borders this year so far. This makes the placement, or more likely displacement, of immigrants in U.S. cities record-breaking. [1]

The small Texas border town of Eagle Pass, with a population of 28,000, has seen as many as 2,500 immigrants daily. Its Mayor, Rolando Salinas Jr., declared a state of emergency as many of the migrants are simply being released to roam the streets of Eagle Pass. He expressed his frustration, stating, “They are coming in with no consequence.” [2]

The current situation is untenable. This becomes evident when the sorrow of those who hope for a better future with its seeming elusiveness is juxtaposed with the burdens placed upon local communities, burdens they are simply unable to bear. However, local communities are not the only governments incapable of providing for these migrants; neither state governments nor the federal government have sufficient resources. This financial incapacity becomes a glaring reality as the Biden Administration’s policies bring migrants across our borders without processing them into shelters but rather releasing them to simply roam the streets homeless.

As tragic as all the above is, and it is indeed both tragic and unsustainable, it is not nearly as tragic as the plight of the millions of unaccompanied minors, or minors being brought across the borders by adults other than their parents. Arguably, the mishandling of these children through the policies of the Department of Health and Human Services has made our government complicit in enhancing the sickeningly profitable industry of sex trafficking of children. The failings of HHS to protect these most vulnerable children have been made public through brave whistle-blowers, and the recent grand jury indictments in Florida. HHS is now codifying its failing policies into formally adopted rules.

These rules are numerous and, as such, many of the appalling practices of the HHS and its mishandling of these children are hidden in their sheer mass. But the illogical and inexcusable prohibition on key questions that would enable the vetting of sponsors of children to keep them from being released into the hands of traffickers must be stopped. Such rules cannot be allowed to be adopted, and they must be exposed along with any insidious hidden agenda. To learn more about this issue, please read the following Press Release - America’s Future Issues Call To Action: Oppose HHS’s Proposed Rule - America's Future ( You may also wish to watch the following expose, Where Did The Children Go - America's Future ( Finally, please go to Defend The Children – Truth Trench for specific guidance on how to post your public comments to fight for the protection and safety of these forgotten children.

It is crucial that we pray for a miraculous move of God at our borders. It is equally crucial that we speak out when we see injustice. Speaking up is even more urgent when the injustice is being perpetrated on those unable to speak for themselves. We must be the voice on behalf of these precious children to see them snatched from the hands of their captors. If the HHS has no desire to protect them, then we are their last best hope. Undoubtedly, the heart of Christ cares for these little ones; he weeps at their suffering, and we have been given an opportunity to be his voice on their behalf. Please join me by adding yours.


[1] Migrants are showing up at the U.S. southern border in historic numbers. Here's why, NPR Online,

November 12, 2023, 8:00 AM ET, Jasmine Garsd

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