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The Secret Place

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

By Asher Eagle

Have you ever felt constantly judged or criticized especially in your journey with God? Unfortunately the world and religion rely on standards of living based on human reasoning. This “wisdom” causes people to compare themselves to others and judge and compete with others. This is rampant in the world and in religion. The Good News, the gospel of Jesus Christ sets us free from comparison and judgment!

God gives us many metaphors for How much we are loved! We are called the bride of Christ. I am a man, but I am also the bride of Jesus Christ! This is to demonstrate to us how amazing our union with Jesus Christ is! We are one with the God of the universe! We are in Christ, and Christ is in us! We will spend eternity understanding this amazing mystery. Jesus loves us and romances us way more than any husband has ever even come close to loving and romancing his wife.

Sex is an amazing gift from God and a wonderful part of marriage. The bridal metaphor also reveals to us the amazing pleasure of our union with Jesus. The secret place is to be alone in the Presence of Jesus. No sensual pleasure in the world can compare with sitting at the feet of Jesus resting and receiving His love!

The secret place, or how we enjoy Jesus individually is in my opinion the most sacred part of our walk with God. This will look different for every person as God is SO jealous for a unique individual relationship with every human being! We overstep and cross boundaries when we start telling people how to walk with Jesus and what their journey should or shouldn’t look like. This unfortunately happens way too often in the world and even the church today. I wrote the following short poem in an attempt to illustrate how sacred our union with Christ is and how harmful and domineering it can be to try and step into someone else’s secret place.

The Secret Place

I don’t know the hits you’ve taken

I don’t know the tears you’ve cried

I don’t know how love’s been shaken

All I know that you’re His bride

For me to step into your bedroom

Is out of bounds to say the least

The path you take with your bridegroom

How you enjoy your wedding feast

I will not judge your consummation

You are safe in your secret place

You need not fear my invasion

Enjoy your lover’s grace upon grace

I will not say you are mistaken

It’s not for me to correct and chide

From only His touch will you awaken

Feel free to run in Him and hide

Only His love will bring your bloom

Opinions guised as counsel have ceased

It’s no man’s seed inside your womb

But only that of the Great High Priest

So give up any obligation

Trade instead for His sweet embrace

Ignore all scorn and insinuation

Because you choose to seek His face

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