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Divine Union

By Asher Eagle

Love, Unity
But the one who joins himself to the Lord is one spirit with Him. (1 Corinthians 6:17)

And we are all parts of HIs body, flesh of His flesh and bone of His bone. (Ephesians 5:30)

Great Love intertwined deep into the vine

Two now become one and I am undone

Joined with the plumb line created to shine

Immersed in the Son to Father I run

His flame invading Spirit pervading

Serene sweet embrace fixed into His face

Presence unfading Swimming and wading

Hemmed in by His grace forget time and space

Attempt to convey and not to downplay

More than a tether gone with bad weather

So hard to portray this union today

God and transgressor Molded together

Like a youth to play with two parts of clay

Rolled into a ball with much more enthrall

Forever to stay a single array

So Big with so small just once and for all

Indivisible, inexplicable

Unbreakable bond how can I respond

Irresistible life so mystical

Remarkably fond affection beyond

God manifested Son tried and tested

One pierce of His side gave birth to His bride

His body now vested Father attested

The Christ Crucified brought back all who died

He gave and He gave rose up from the grave

After the great thresh made all men afresh

Walked out of His cave produced a shockwave

The Spirit to flesh Divine and man mesh

Come into fusion no more illusion

Maker the potter lamb to the slaughter

Bought from reclusion His attribution

Now living water from sons and daughters

To water the land so they taste His hand

And come coalesce the Son to confess

No more to be banned in Him do we stand

Father, Mother and Son with them we are One

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