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with The Prophetic Professor

Learn your way to freedom!

Episode 1

Freedom For All

God's Heart for Government is the only jurisprudential philosophy that protects everyone from the civil government infringing upon their rights of conscience.  

Episode 2

Freedom Not Force

A God who refuses to force anyone to worship Him is clearly not going to form a government that does.

Episode 3

Law & Government 101

This video introduces the most basic types of law and government only to leave you hanging....

Episode 4

2 Types of Law

Fundamentally, there are only 2 types of law. Our nation was founded on the belief in laws that preexisted our government.

Episode 5

2 Types of Government

Every government that has ever existed is either a Rex Lex or a Lex Rex.

Episode 6

Empire of Laws

Only governments that are a Lex Rex can truly be an empire of laws.

Episode 7

Empire of Men

A Rex Lex is any government where the sovereign is supreme rather than the law. A Monarchy, Aristocracy, Oligarchy, and even a Democracy are, therefore, all Empires of Men.

Episode 8

A Lex Rex Rules

A rex lex is a government founded on the supremacy of its rulers. A lex rex is a government founded on the supremacy of the RULE OF LAW. That is why a lex rex RULES!

Episode 9

Dangers of Democracy

Our founders did not have any respect for a democracy. They understood the dangers to unalienable rights by a government that can shift with the subjective opinions of the majority.

Episode 10

Inorganic Government

Government does not inherently exist. It has no living matter; one could arguably say that civil government

is inorganic. Understanding then how any government gets animated is crucial to preserving our freedoms.

Episode 11

Self-Governance Rules

There is a constant tug-o-war between the level of self-governance within a society and the level of

civil governance. Finding the perfect balance is the challenge to securing the highest level of freedom.

Episode 12

Slavery, Tyranny, Anarchy, or Liberty

The level of civil government control balanced with the level of self-governance exercised by the people

ultimately determines whether we will live in slavery, tyranny, anarchy, or liberty. We the people ultimately decide.

Episode 13

Less is Best

Often less is more, and nowhere is that more true than when dealing with the size of civil government, thus validating the "Jeffersonian Maxim" never actually said by Jefferson that "the government which governs least, governs best."

Episode 14

A Benevolent Shepherd

Government should function to enable its citizens to live peaceably by providing a safe environment that protects them from harm by beating off the wolves, not beating the sheep.

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